Pet-Assisted Therapy

San Diego Humane Society has been bringing the joy of animals to people for more than thirty years through its Pet-Assisted Therapy (P-AT) Program!

Jen P shootThe Pet-Assisted Therapy program is designed to share animals with people of all ages in care facilities, including convalescent homes, hospitals, mental health centers, abused children’s homes, and juvenile detention centers. Volunteers bring rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and sometimes dogs to visit people who aren’t able to experience the joys of pet ownership.

The dogs who participate in our P-AT program have passed the Canine Good Citizen test. These dogs and their people (a P-AT volunteer) provide an extra dimension of happiness to residents.

Welcome Waggin’ Program: In-Home Visits

Part of the P-AT program, San Diego Humane Society’s Welcome Waggin’ provides the love and companionship of a dog to people in their own homes. There is no charge for this program and we visit homes throughout San Diego County.

Schedule a P-AT or Welcome Waggin’ Visit:

For more info about P-AT or Welcome Waggin’ fill out the questionnaire, call 619.299.7012 x 2284, or email [email protected].