Adopt a Special Needs Pet

At San Diego Humane Society, we rescue and rehabilitate all healthy and treatable animals and have since 2002; however, from time to time, an animal enters our care suffering from a chronic illness, challenging behavior or a terminal disease that deems them unhealthy. Although we know there isn’t much we can do to improve their prognosis, we won’t give up on finding them love. We believe there is a family or person out there who will open their heart and home to these extra special pets. Every animal available for adoption at San Diego Humane Society is special and deserves love, but these pets need special people and we hope it’s you!

*We recognize that the animals on this page will need special care and possibly expenses beyond a healthy pet so we are waiving their adoption fees to help lessen the financial expectation for their adopter.

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Animal ID: 231016
Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Mix
Age:  12 years
Adoption Fee: Priceless*

Chance may be a senior lady but don’t you worry – this friendly, affectionate gal still has some pep in her step! Chance was transferred from another shelter so little is known about her history with other animals, but she definitely enjoys the attention she receives from volunteers and staff.

What Chance will need from her pet parents: The medical team has determined that Chance should stay on a prescription diet to help her feel her best. An adoption counselor will need to speak to potential adopters about Chance’s requirements in her new home.

If you would like to meet Chance please visit our San Diego Campus or give us a call at 619.299.7012.



Animal ID: 223876
 American Pit Bull Terrier
Age:  6 years
Adoption Fee: Priceless*

Pip is a sweet and happy older lady with a big smile and a bubbly personality that has been melting hearts at SDHS. Pip loves cuddles and snoozing on the sofa and would be the perfect companion for a family looking for a couch-potato-pup! She would also do best as the only dog in the house; if there is another dog it would be best for them to meet prior to adoption.

What Pip will need from her pet parents: Pip came to SDHS with a mass on her vulva which was removed with narrow margins and was found to be a low grade, grade II mast cell tumor. She is doing well since surgery, however it is possible that the mass could recur. Future medical care will be her new families’ responsibility but an adoption counselor will meet with potential adopters about Pip’s possible future requirements. 

Pip currently lives in a foster home so if you would like to meet her please call our Oceanside Campus at 760.757.4357 extension 2856 to set up an appointment.



Animal ID: 232254
 American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Age:  6 years
Adoption Fee: Priceless*

Sweet Frosty was quite a sad sight when he first came into our care. He had multiple puncture wounds on his head and ears, a bump on his head, and was underweight and terrified. Despite all that, he still couldn’t help but wag his tail when our Humane Officers spoke sweetly to him. This lovable guy simply can’t hide his wiggly, affectionate nature!

Our medical team went to work, cleaning up his wounds and surgically removing the mass on his head. He is feeling so much better now, and can’t wait to find a loving home where he can start life anew and share all of the love in that big heart of his!

What Frosty will need from his pet parents: The mass on his head was found to be a low grade, grade II mast cell tumor. It was removed with narrow margins and the surgical excision was likely curative. However, his new family will want to keep an eye out for any lumps and bumps in the future and make sure they are checked out. We’ve also determined that Frosty has dental disease. Common in pets, this can include tartar, gingivitis, and tooth defects. Frosty’s new parents will need to follow-up with their vet for further dental care post-adoption.

Frosty is ready to melt your heart and shower you with love. What do you say? Come on over to our Oceanside Campus to meet this sweet boy today!



Animal ID: 235092
 Domestic Short Hair
Age:  10 years
Adoption Fee: Priceless*

This handsome boy has been stealing hearts left and right around our Oceanside Campus, and once you meet him you’ll understand why! This social senior simply loves affection and attention, and he can’t wait to find a loving home where he can give and receive just that! (In fact, in his previous home, his snuggles were not reserved for people only, but for his siblings and even the resident dog, too!)

What Allen will need from his pet parents: Allen has tested positive for FIV. His new parents will want to keep him as healthy and happy as possible, understanding that kitties with FIV can lead long and healthy lives, but need to practice extra caution since they are more susceptible to disease. Allen will need to be an indoor-only cat, and should not have any feline friends in the home unless they, too, are FIV+ (this virus is most often acquired through bites, scratches and mating). Allen also has hyperthyroidism, which is not uncommon in middle to older age cats. Any future care will be his new family’s responsibility.

Allen can’t wait to meet you and show you what a purrfect family member he can be! How about it? Come on over to our Oceanside Campus & meet this sweet boy right meow!


Love Bug

Animal ID: 235411
 Domestic Short Hair
Age:  15 years
Adoption Fee: Priceless*

It’s no coincidence that this kitty was given the name Love Bug! Once you meet her you’ll see, she is really something special with a tremendously sweet, affectionate nature. Love Bug is a definite favorite among staff and volunteers who cannot wait to see her go to a loving home where she can spend her golden years showering some lucky family with love (and getting lots in return).

What Love Bug will need from her pet parents: Our medical team has worked tirelessly to help Miss Bug feel her best, and we hope that in her new home she will be given what she needs to remain healthy and happy. This little Love has several age-related medical issues that our veterinary staff would be happy to discuss with you, but most notably is that she suffers from Chronic Renal Failure and requires a special diet — we have her on Purina NF kidney diet and she is doing very well. Love Bug also has dental disease, not uncommon in pets, especially of a certain age. This can include tartar, gingivitis, or possibly other types of tooth damage and will be something to have examined by your regular veterinarian to ensure her future health.

We think Love Bug deserves all the love in the world! Won’t you open your heart and home to this sweet girl? Come to our Oceanside Campus & meet this lovable lady today!


What’s Included with the Adoption?

Each Adoption Includes:

  • Spay/neuter.
  • Current vaccinations.
  • Permanent microchip identification.
  • A certificate for a free veterinary exam.
  • Waived enrollment fee for medical insurance from TruPanion.
  • A license if residing in Escondido, San Marcos, Poway, Oceanside, and Vista.