Dupree headshot squarePAWS San Diego
5433 Gaines Street
San Diego, CA 92110

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Phone: 619-297-PAWS (7297)

Toll free: 1-866-348-7297

Fax: 619-393-0322

Or feel free to contact us via email:

Geraldine D’Silva, Executive Director

Rhea Abahazy, Program Assistant

Lauren Rogers, Program Specialist

Quinn Douglas-Hiley, PAWS Pantry Specialist







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PAWS San Diego, a program of San Diego Humane Society, helps people keep their pets by providing essential pet services and support to low-income pet families all over San Diego County.

In addition to delivery of pet food and supplies like flea medication, the In-Home Delivery Service provides vouchers to assist pet owners with veterinary bills, transportation to vet appointments for clients who are unable to get there on their own, and dog walking for home-bound and hospitalized clients.

Our clients include seniors, people who are chronically ill and/or disabled, veterans, members of the military, and homeless individuals. As the largest pet safety net service in San Diego, the goal of this unique program is to keep pets in their homes and out of shelters.

Since its launch in November of 2012, the PAWS Pantry has helped thousands of pet families with food for their animals. But it’s not just low-income pet families that benefit from the PAWS Pantry. From preparation to distribution, the PAWS Pantry engages and assists many individuals (human and animal) in our community. Volunteer groups help us take large bags of kibble and break them down into smaller portions for distribution, gaining meaningful work experience while contributing a valuable service to our organization.

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The purpose of the PAWS Pantry service is to provide supplemental dog and cat
food to income qualified pet families to help alleviate some of the costs
involved with keeping a pet.

PAWS Pantry Clients

PAWS Pantry clients receive a maximum of 2 supplemental bags of dog or cat food each month. Supplemental bags are 8lbs for dogs and 4lbs for cats. We are able to support up to two pets per family. Cat litter, flea medication, and other supplies will not be available through the Pantry service. At distribution sites other than those listed, qualified clients will receive only one bag of pet food per person.


San Diego residents who are income-qualified and show proof of assistance through EBT (SNAP/Cal Fresh), Medi-Cal, or SSDI. Clients must have their pets spayed/neutered. If not, they have 3 months to provide proof of spay/neuter; we can offer resources to help the client.


San Diego Humane Society, Oceanside Campus
572 Airport Road
Oceanside, CA 92058
Daily | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

San Diego Humane Society, Escondido Campus
3450 E. Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027
Daily | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

San Diego Humane Society, PAWS San Diego Office
5433 Gaines Street
San Diego, CA 92110
Monday – Friday | 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


LGBT Center
3909 Centre Drive
San Diego, CA 92103
1st Tuesday of each month | 9 – 10 a.m.

St. Paul’s Cathedral
2728 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92102
3rd Thursday of each month | 1 – 3 p.m.

This calendar is subject to change; please check our website or call the PAWS San Diego office between 10am and 2pm Monday through Friday for most current dates.

Paws Brochure





This service is designed to help the most vulnerable pet families in our community stay together. Clients enrolled in In-Home Delivery often stay with us for life. Services are provided for up to two pets and many of these clients are home-bound.

Eligible clients are low-income with documentation of senior status, disability or chronic illness, and pet/s must be spayed/neutered.

Services include the option for in-home delivery or pick-up of pet food and cat litter once per month.

Pet supplies and flea medication are offered when available. Transportation to veterinary appointments, assistance with veterinary care, and dog walking services may be provided as available and upon the client’s request.

PAWS San Diego currently serves more than 500 clients and over 650 pets across San Diego County through the In-Home Delivery service. Qualified clients are age 60 or over, chronically ill, or disabled on a low monthly income.


  • In-home delivery of pet food, cat litter, and flea medication (when available) once per month.
  • Dog walking and transportation services.
  • Assistance with vet-prescribed diets and emergency vet funds (when available and on a case-by-case basis).




PAWS San Diego works with community partners to participate at resource events around the county to serve homeless pet families needing support.  At some of the annual events, in addition to pet food and supplies, PAWS San Diego staff and volunteers are on hand to ensure that these pets are safe and cared for through the day and night so these individuals are able to access vital services and information for themselves.

Some of the human service organizations that we partner with are:

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Using the PAWS San Diego mobile van, our Neighborhood Outreach team is developing a stronger presence in under-served communities needing vital resources to help care for and keep their pets. Pet food and supplies, as well as free spay & neuter appointments are provided to residents in these resource deserts. Education on responsible pet ownership, including the benefits of spaying and neutering, and access to low-cost vaccinations and microchipping is also shared, by walking the neighborhoods block by block and meeting people where they are.






During business hours, our team of front desk volunteers provides resources and referrals to other pet-related services to anyone who calls for help. Any voicemails received after hours are returned the following business day.

Phone: 619-297-PAWS (7297)

Toll free: 1-866-348-7297





paws_pantryPAWS Food Distribution Events

Various dates and locations throughout San Diego County

The PAWS Pantry provides supplemental bags of dog and cat food for pick-up at San Diego campus locations for select senior centers, congregate meal providers, and other human service organizations as resources are available. Supplies are available based on eligibility requirements and financial needs.

Volunteer with PAWS San Diego!

Help people keep their pets by providing essential pet services and support to low-income pet families.

More Information
Volunteer applications are accepted on an every-other-month basis and positions vary depending on our program needs at the time.


PLEASE NOTE: The PAWS Pantry is a supplemental service providing pet food only to individuals who can show a photo ID and proof of low-income status in the form of EBT (Cal Fresh), Medi-Cal, SSDI, or Unemployment benefits.

San Diego Humane Society is proud to have merged with PAWS San Diego in September 2014. PAWS San Diego provides essential pet services and support to low-income seniors, chronically ill, and disabled individuals. This vital community service is the official safety net program of San Diego Humane Society.