Class & Training FAQs

What training methods does San Diego Humane Society use?
San Diego Humane Society only uses positive training methods and training tools including the use of food as a reward. We do not support the use of aversive training tools such as choke chains, prong collars, and shock collars.

What is Positive Reinforcement training?
Positive Reinforcement is a reward-based training that uses non-confrontational methods to increase the likelihood of the dog offering desirable behaviors through the use of treats, petting, and praise.

Why should I train my dog with Positive Reinforcement methods?
Positive reinforcement training allows your dog to make decisions that aren’t influenced by force or fear, and in turn creates trust and a stronger bond between you and your dog.

What classes do you offer?
San Diego Humane Society offers a variety of classes for dogs of all ages and sizes.

What if my dog knows absolutely nothing?
San Diego Humane Society offers classes for you! We have Puppy Preschool, Marvelous Manners, and K9 Nose Work. These classes are designed for dogs just itching to learn.

What is K9 Nose Work?
K9 Nose Work is a sport designed for any dog and handler. It strengthens your dog’s natural scenting ability by using the desire to hunt and their love of toys, food, and exercise. K9 Nose Work is one of the fastest growing activities in the dog training community. K9 Nose Work builds confidence, expels energy, and teaches owners how to communicate with their dogs. No previous skills are required.

I adopted my dog from San Diego Humane Society. What classes do I receive a discount on and how do I receive the adopter’s discount?
Adopters receive a 20% discount on the following classes:

  • Puppy Preschool
  • Level 1: Marvelous Manners
  • Level 2: Superb Skills
  • Level 3: Reliable Rovers
  • Shy Dog

Please contact Shauna at 619.243.3463 to receive discounts on training classes.